June, 2015

Auf Wiedersehen!

June 30, 2015

Yes, friends, this is goodbye!!  A German goodbye, because we will be in Germany for the next two weeks!!!!!  What is life??  We will be traveling to Dohna, a small town outside of Dresden.  This tiny town is celebrating its FIVE HUNDREDTH anniversary – meaning this town is older than our entire country!  To celebrate, the entire town is hosting a huge festival, and our church is sending a group of us to perform in the different concerts and volunteer for the different festival activities. 

We are so, SO excited for the incredible opportunity to connect with the people of…

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Jackie + John

June 1, 2015

Happy Monday, friends!

We have been just DYING to share this amazing couple with you! Jackie and John met at JMU (each of them played basketball there!), but it was only after spending years on opposite coasts that they found their way back into each other’s lives – in the best way! These two were absolutely a dream to work with. Their day was filled with thoughtful details, like childhood pictures of each lining either aisle of the ceremony. These two were clearly meant for each other, and their love made them shine the entire day. We had so much fun with…

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