January, 2016

We wanted to share our some of our favorite drone footage from the year with you – we have had a blast traveling with and flying our DJI Inspire 1, and it has been so good to us!  Although I am still a little skittish when it comes to taking the controls, Josh has been killing it for a long time now, and after two and a half years of drone pilot experience, he is at the top of his game!

Drone shots are our favorite tidbit to throw into a wedding highlight film, because you get such a grand…

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Sometimes I wonder how many brides in the midst of planning are singing Sam Smith in their head: “I know I’m not the only one.”

Not the only bride planning their wedding, that is.  Now, I am sure we have all met our fair share of brides who are convinced that they ARE the only one, and their stakes are life-or-death, all the time.  But I like to think that Bridezillas are on the decline, and as a result, almost every couple we meet is sweet and pretty down-to-earth.

So, what is the issue?  Unless you are somehow working miracles,…

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Today’s blog comes as a result of being in the midst of engagement season, and a lot of inquiries coming our way.  We love getting contacted by brides – we are always excited to meet potential #handspunhoneys, and we love that these brides have already decided that cinematography is a priority for them!!

One question that has been coming up a lot has to do with what is included in our highest package.  This package includes a feature-length film that spans between an twenty and forty minutes, includes every part of the bride and groom’s day, and is edited to correct wonky colors and…

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Handspun Honeys: Liz + Drew

January 12, 2016

Oh, how we love our Handspun Honeys!!

Meet Liz and Drew, a California based couple who love living in the Golden State.  When it came to where they wanted to tie the knot, though, Liz knew where her roots were – in Virginia.  So the two settled on a beautiful riverside ceremony at Berkley Plantation.  They were as gorgeous a couple as anyone could hope for – both tall, both blond, and both with the biggest smiles that they saved only for each other.  As they prepared for the moment when they would meet at the end of the aisle, you…

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The Challenge.  It sounds mysterious, right?  Potentially daunting.  Mostly vague.  So, let’s back up.

This fall was a difficult one, and as the demands and pressures of a life overflowing with to-dos, obligations, work, and stress began to weigh on us, we let our relationship take a back seat to everything else we knew needed to get done.  We were existing in the same space more often than not, but at some point we stopped being intentional about spending time talking to and loving on the other.

Let me tell you, friends: it sucked.  We were unhappy, and yet at…

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Happy New Year, Honeys!


Who else is so excited to welcome 2016??  A new year brings a breath of fresh air, refreshed perspective, renewed resolve.  Hope!!  A new year is welcomed in with lots of hope for the future, and it’s intoxicating.

One of my favorite parts of starting a new year has become one of the traditions I picked up when I worked at Disney World!  The idea is that you choose a word – any word, but just one – that you want to be your Word for the Year.  For example, my Word of the Year in 2014 was Devoted.  What…

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