March, 2016

Here is a sentence I never thought I would say: I had a revelation while attending a Mute Math concert Monday night.

True story.  The other night, our sweetest friend and awesomely talented musician Evan McKeel was asked to perform on stage with Mute Math for their encore, and so Josh and I found ourselves in the midst of an admittedly awesome concert at the National.  Though I am not overly familiar with their music, Mute Math is a talented group and their music is really well-written, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

The revelation came to me that night…

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Being at The School of Styling in Nashville this past week was predictably incredible, and not just because of their commitment to genuine community, quality education, and all things beautiful. 🙂  We love it most because we get to spend so much time with our people – friends who love us dearly, and whom we love just as much!  There is so much joy and peace knowing we have such an amazing group of creatives surrounding us, and it inspired me to share with y’all the importance of finding your people!  Just look at all there is to be…

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Hello, March!  You can feel spring in the air, and I hope I am not the only one who is hoping I don’t have to trade my flip flops for boots again any time soon!  A new month means assessing the month before and coming up with new ways to challenge each other!

…or at least, it should.  But here is the honest truth, friends:  we failed this month.  I mean, we both failed miserably and completely.  Neither of us completed a single on of our challenges in February.  In fact, I asked Josh yesterday if he could think of…

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